First World Problems – Walk across campus

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  3. Il nonno ma non sol’egli.. tutt’una miriade di genealogici alberi (miei e non), magari portati a luce proprio da quei semini contrapposti, mi vedo balenar fin qui, innanzi alle mie commosse gote.. oh nonno.. oh nonnino.. oh navi ed acque.. acque piangenti e rotte.. trasudanti.. acque sgocciolanti di….semini….e se il tuo succhiasemini, faro e viatico.. tromba che passa.. non mi fa sognar…. brucia tu… oh fuoco….Ti stimo assai.sui 30.. quasi 31..davvero..

  4. ced 言う:arf ! et le pire dans tout cette histoire, c’est que le commercial va encore baisser son froc et qu’il va falloir expliquer aux petits développeurs qu’ils devront y passer leur nuit … l’histoire d’un mec du digital peut être mais certainement pas d’un mec ayant pris ses responsabilité (ou d’un bon commercial)

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  6. Hi to Don. It was clear it was Nelson’s night in name only. Lacob knew he would have been booed and Nelson cheered if it had been formalized in any way.All the fans saw was some street painter drawing a poor likeness of Nellie on a canvas during halftime. No speeches, no nothing. Unfortunately, there was no microphone fight between the two. Rick Berry, “that is an embarrassment!”.Typical Joe Lacob “All hat”, “And No Cows” — it was Don Nelson Night in name only. There should be a new phrase in Bay Area Lingo. “Did you get Lacobed last night?”

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  8. If memory serves, the cops laughed at you. So that was the right response, then; anything to send joy into a cop’s dark and dreary world, eh?GEagle, yes. And billyclubs and telescopic staves and all kinds of fun things. Their utility belts look like Batman’s.

  9. Kelly,Like some of the comments before mine. I was totally moved by your story of Marcos and his mother. You are correct…we have so much and we still tend to have hard days as moms but nowhere near in those conditions. What an amazing spirit she must have. Thank you for sharing this tonight. Only on day two, girl and you are already inspiring and making a difference. :)Mel

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  11. Petraeus’s Other Woman spoke about the biography at the Local Lefty Bookstore a while back. My only impressions were that she was decently intelligent and attractive and very ambitious. But I could not figure out what she been doing in the military, or what use the military had gotten out of her. She seemed more like the type of woman (or man) who makes a successful career in Washington politics than in the drab world of the military.

  12. allez les bleus même si les Français ne croient pas en vous (d’ailleurs on se demande en quoi ils croient) tout est possible ..et rien n’est plus beau que de vaincre dans l’adversité ^^. sinon je doute que la préparation mentale de nos bleus soit aussi poussée ..asile je demande asile

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  21. KathyH / I am so glad David is touring again, and especially for Christmas. (Perfect combo, IMO.) I see that many are listing their hoped for “add-on” cities. I would hope for KC, but I do understand that David can’t be everywhere, all of the time. I may have to enjoy via the Internet this year, but believe me, I will. 🙂

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  23. Can’t believe another year is over for testing and sad to say my last ever unless hubby gives in and lets me have another a few surprises on the shortlist but never could i guess the winners. Can’t wait to find out. I shall certainly be googling some of the shortlists though esp the travel products. Well done jessica, i hope it has been another successful year and not too stressful, thank you for letting me be a part of it maybe see you next year……..

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  26. Unknown Unknowns says:August 13, 2012 at 11:40 amThis is war and in war people get killed.31 years ago the late Mr. Khomeini advised and warned Arabs against supporting Iraq (begged them to come back to Dear Islam); it fell on deaf ears and next came the invasion of Kuwait.There is no point in advising Pakistanis, Azeris, Turks, Saudis, Qataris, and assroted others benighted fools who are following the Axis Powers scripts….They think that they can avoid the late Mr. Hussein’s fate…

  27. I went back to my old mission area (Korea Seoul) about 15 years later. In the meantime, Korea had hosted the Olympics, and so brought the infrastructure forward to what seemed to me about 30 years into the future from when I left. I didn’t recognize any of the areas where I had served. The real bright spot for me, though, was that I was able to go to the temple the second time I was there, and the idea of a temple in Korea was little more than a rumor when I served my mission.

  28. That wasn’t my argument in the least Dude. I was just saying that a black innocent should be valued in the same way as a white innocent (or an ugly innocent girl/boy versus a attractive girl/boy). Unfortunately the black innocent will be less morned because most assume that she/ he grew up in/ near gangs and thus had some part to play in their own death. However, as most people know, the majority of people don’t choose to be poor.

  29. sì, ma è un circuito da fare tre volte! Noioso. Io rimango un esteta della corsa. Andare apposta dove vanno tutti per fare il miglior tempo mi sembra proprio, con tutto il rispetto, da ragioniere della corsa

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  32. John Nilmeier October 17, 2012 What a journey Chris!! Coming from someone who watched you prepare for this trip over the last 4 or 5 years, I’m happy that it’s been such an inspiring and life changing experience. Can’t wait to hear some of your stories once you get home…maybe over an honors class reunion xmas dinner.

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  43. Lots of liberals have guns.Nearly everyone I know has at least one.Cons like to talk about their’s, though.It is sort of a “I can’t win the argument so be on notice that me and my army of imaginary friend are gonna shoot you someday” thing.

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  45. Johnny B Bad,To be blunt, the greatest threat to your country now is that it will join the EMU and subject itself to the same fate as the others. In answer to your questions yes, full employment in a productive economy likeSweden’s is very achievable. The greatest weapon to bring this about is to learn the concepts taught by Bill Mitchell, Warren Mosler and others so that you can spread the word to others. Ask as many questions as you have, there really are no stupid questions when it comes to learning about MMT.

  46. Merel: Jeg er glad for at du likte diktet, jeg var virkelig innom en del alternativer underveis, men alle veier førte liksom dit. Ingen tvil om at Puppenmuseum har fnisefaktor pÃ¥ norsk, nei (thi-hi), men det er heller ingen tvil om at det er ekstra stas med litt bakgrunnshistorie for bildet – som for øvrig henger pÃ¥ oppslagstavla pÃ¥ kjøkkenet vÃ¥rt nÃ¥. hauge52:Takk for link, jeg skal høre pÃ¥ diktet ditt. Vi vil jo at diktet skal leve!Kjersti: VærsÃ¥god – fine diktet.

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  51. Yes, I would agree with the commenter above. The native men of Norway obviously need to regain their masculinity quickly. Too much of a feminization of a culture leaves it extremely vulnerable to lesser, primitive cultures. Professional feminists seem not to care about this. I guess it would take a wise pshychiatrist to explain to me why professional feminists behave so stupidly.

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  56. Actually, "Stop". Forgot that Respect was by them, that's also a great song. But the opening… um… opening *sounds* (Not quite sure how else to describe what happens musically in the first five seconds or so before any words start) of Stop are just awesome. I want that as my ringtone.

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  59. about the pix of him on a bench with his alleged grandparents, how he was added, and that the original pix was one of his grandparents only…how the bench on which they were sitting was lop-sided.The first pix that bothered me was the one of him with his HS Basketball team. The other players looked years younger and smaller compared to him. He was like a big BLOB in the middle of the picture. It looked so phony.The Lame Cherry article questioned the Indonesian pix quite effectively, too, I thought.Thanks for your thoughts…Happy Night…Linda

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  61. Thanks Nina! I still can’t help but think of the ones we wore for band. They were black and had sequins, LOL! We all looked like extras from an MJ video.How’s your Thursday going? It’s raining like cats and dogs here today!

  62. Oh, my… listen, hon, that “first love” is the one you will never get over. She will haunt you for the rest of your life. Why? Because she was the first one you really wanted. It’s been nearly 40 years since I last saw my “first love”– and yet, I still think about her, still dream about her… even though she is now a fat, middle-aged grandma. The sad thing is– you never really get over that first love.. so don’t waste your time trying.

  63. Pocofre:Si, no debemos. Pero tengo seias dudas sobre como es que debemos manifestar nuestro rechazo a este tipo de abusos. La violencia no nos deja nada bueno, pero la mano blanda no resuelve nada. Debe haber un justo medio, pero ¿Cual?

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  76. Not to defend the guy’s statement but…all you that posted pointing out Brady, Palin, whoever completely mised the point. Illegitimate kids happen…they just don’t happen 9 times, Mrs. Bueller. 9 times. That is superior idiocy we are talking about. Go after the guy for equating it to race, but come up with a few examples that are sort of in the same realm, like maybe 5 times.

  77. While the money would help some many of these people would buy the same stuff is you gave them $5 or $5,000. It’s the lifestyle they’ve chosen and they like it just the way you do yours. There are MANY in the local homeless shelters that get social security and still chose to live on the streets vs. finding a place they could call home,

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