Popular Internet Memes

Internet Memes are pumped out by creative minds throughout the web on a daily basis. It is often hard to follow the new concoctions of funny memes that often warp and mix in the form of Rage Comics, the characters therein known as Rage Faces.


Here are 7 popular internet memes that have gained quite a following in the year 2011.


Forever Alone also known as Forever Alone Guy, an internet meme character popular amongst the single people of the internet. See Forever Alone in action.

Troll Face or Trollface also know as Cool Face, the mascot of internet trolls and self-proclaimed online trouble makers. See Troll Face in action.

Troll Science also known as Troll Physics, a funny variation of Troll Face. This meme is famed for its nonsensical application of science and physics often using magnets for better results. See some examples of Troll Science.

I Lied also known as I Lied Guy, is a relatively new popular internet meme. The I Lied character is used to portrait the real thoughts as opposed to what has been said in a certain situation. See examples of the I Lied meme.

Socially Awkward Penguin is a socially awkward penguin. Does exactly what it says on the tin. See some Socially Awkward Penguin examples.

Melvin also known as Troll Face Melvin is another twist on the original Troll Face character. A geeky servant to the teachers who causes anger amongst his classmates. Every class has one. See Melvin in action.

Paranoid Parrot tells of everyones fears and not always logical cases of paranoia. A very relatable internet meme and character. See examples of Paranoid Parrot.